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View from our hotel room off WaikikiWaikiki BeachWe caught the end of the 18th annual Honolulu Festival where there was a 3h parade with lots of dancersWaikiki BeachSite on Ford Island (the island in the middle of Pearl Harbor) where the first bomb fell during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The plane came from over those trees and the bomb stuck at the edge of the gArtists rendition of that first Japanese plane coming into drop that bombBullet holes on Ford Island from a Japanese plane on December 7th. The break in the holes is where the bullets stuck a wing or some other plane part on the ground.The yellow square to the hangar is the distance Jimmy Doolittle had to take off with his B-25 from the carrier. In person its quite a short distance.Hangar (in the previous picture) on Ford Island. Green glass panes are the original. Clear are replacements. There are still bullet holes from December 7th.One of the old hangars on Ford IslandUSS MissouriUSS MissouriUSS MissouriUSS MissouriUSS Missouri